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Computer Cleanning Tips

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Computer Cleanning Tips

Before you clean a PC or any component, be sure to turn the power off and unplug it from the outlet.

Use caution when cleaning inside the PC case not to disturb any plugs or jumpers. If you do, this will make for difficult troubleshooting when you turn the PC back on.

Avoid spraying any type of liquid directly on to a PC component. Spray the liquid on to a cloth and then apply it to the PC component.

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Never use a house vacuum cleaner to clean the dust out of your PC case. House vacuums generate a lot of static electricity that can damage your systems components. There are portable battery operated vacuums available that are designed for use in a PC environment. It is fine to use your house vacuum to suck up the dirt and dust around your PC or even to suck the dust out of your keyboard.

Make sure that you never get any component inside your PC wet. It is not advisable to use any cleaning liquid inside the case. You can use some canned compressed air to remove any dust from the case and case fans. Be sure to take your PC to a different location when blowing the dust out.

Be sure to visit your PC manufactures web site to find out what cleaning solvents are recommended for cleaning your PC. We recommend just using warm water for almost any PC cleaning task, but if you need a stronger cleaning solution, be sure that it is highly diluted.

We are just not in business of PC repairs and Network Onsite, but we care for our customers and visitors. It’s our endeavor to give the best tips to help you maintain a healthy PC. Our expert advice will help you save more money on your PC repairs and solutions.

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